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Letting Textiles Take the Lead

I love fabric!  An easy way to take a room from bland and boring to bursting with personality is through the use of fabric whether it be in a recovered chair, as a window panel or in a throw cushion.  Fabric is an easy way to change your space without changing the integral pieces of the room, and so can be a more cost effective way of sprucing up your space.  I feel the need to change up my textiles fairly often, so I have a rubbermaid container filled with throw cushions that in themselves can change my space — a small cost to pay for big impact.

If you’re feeling that itch to change up your space but don’t know what to do, before you goo looking for the big ticket items, explore what you might be able to do with fabric.  An injection of fabric can very much define the style of your space.

This, for instance, is a living room where I worked with her existing furniture, and the neutral wall colour used by her builder to inject some personality and pattern, and did that through ready made window panels from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

IMG_5901 IMG_5905

The chevron pattern in those panels is one of my favourites right now as it speaks to my love for a hit of retro in my designs.  Maxwell Fabrics has this one that I’m planning to use in my home shortly, and as I mentioned using a bold and vibrant print like this one definitely adds an energy to a room and defines the style.

maxwell chevron


Then there’s a pattern like this one, also from Maxwell Fabrics.  It is also vibrant and colourful and has a Moroccan or BoHo vibe to it.  It would be hard to see a room as beige and boring with this in it, even if every other element you had in the room was in fact beige.




And then this fabric also from Maxwell sets the mood for a much different space.  This paisley print is bold in pattern, but subdued in colour so definitely creates visual interest without doing it too loudly.

maxwell paisley

The beautiful thing about incorporating fabric into your space is the designer of that fabric has already put the thought into the combination of colours and so you know that you can use the colours within in the rest of your design with confidence, knowing it will all work together.  Take the textile as your cue.

So before you go and spend thousands of dollars on new furniture, see what you might be able to do to jazz up your space with some well chosen fabrics.  Have fun with it!




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