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Sending a little love



A dear friend of mine was telling me how when she was growing up her Mom used to send ‘love lunches’ with them to school on Valentine’s Day, and just how much it meant to her to find that expression of affection in her backpack.  Since that moment I ventured to do the same for my kids on Valentine’s Day.  This year it falls on a Sunday so I’ll be sending them with their special lunches tomorrow.  It means scouring the grocery store aisles for red or pink foods, which can be harder than it might seem.

I found the tins at the dollar store, each one just a little different.  And for ideas as to what to put inside:

- Babybel cheese

- red or pink Fruit to Go

- Ketchup chips or rice cakes

- red pepper

- grape tomatoes

- tinted rice krispie squares

- strawberry yogurt drinks

- cranberry juice

- raspberries or strawberries

- strawberry milk

- pepperoni sticks or ham (cheating a little but hey, they need protein)

And if you really want to go out of your way, make your own bread and tint it pink.

Just a fun little exercise for the Mommy archives!  Happy Valentine’s Day all!


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