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Setting the Mood for Halloween

In our house, the exterior is my husband’s domain, he gets excited to spook the little goblins with this Halloween decorations, and then is anxious to tear all that down to allow for the best of the neighbourhood Christmas display.  But inside the house is mine.  I love to tweak my interiors to fit the season, the holiday or sometimes just my mood.

This week, I’m setting the mood for Halloween.


My coffee table is set to receive the ghosts and goblins looking for candy on Saturday night.  I made two mummy candy holders from jars that I wrapped in cheese cloth and stuck on google eyes.  Then worked in some black tulle, some mini pumpkins, a sparkly spider’s web, and some candles.



We don’t carve our pumpkins into Jack O’Lanterns until the 31st, so in the meantime I’ve adorned our kitchen island with a craft store pumpkin.


A few little touches can ready your home for a halloween shindig, or just aim to match your kids’ excitement about the frightful night.

IMG_2209 IMG_2210


Do you do anything to prep your house for Halloween?



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